понедельник, 25 мая 2009 г.

I think that nowadays people can’t live without high-tech technologies.
For example it’s mobile phones, digital TV, computers, ets.
But to my mind people need gudgets that can help people with their household chores. “Smart home” is a house where everything will be computerized. In this project all devices will be automatic. And people, if they are not at home, could control all their household appliances by mobile phone or things like that. All the devices in that home will be connect with a server, and when they will finish it’s work, the owner of that home will get a message on mobile phone if he/she is not at home.
For example: security system that’s a finger print system: before you entire home you have to put your finger in a special scanner, and then door will open. 
And of course in that home it will be digital TV, stereo system, etc.
In conclusion I want to say that this idea is really genus and that will be the house of future.